Simple, but good. Fast, good range, good tracking and instant high crush that it’s difficult to punish from maximum range. Jack-7 is weak against sidestep left up close, and this move is one of his only ways to deter opponent from doing it. Law’s slide, on a good mixup tool with WS+2. i10 punisher. Tekken Zaibatsu Discord server:, Frame data (still incomplete):, Eliza Frame data:, Character picking guides: A good panic button as it comes out i8 when the generic fastest button for characters is i10. i14 launcher. One of her best long range whiff punishers. Very fast and safe launcher that launches really high. f,f+2:1(‘1’ needs to be hit right when f,f+2 hits) is NC that knocks down and Wall Splats, safe on block at -4 but 2nd hit can be crouched under. Having a big damaging safe on block low is great for allowing Jack-7 to make comebacks. When Cancelled into dp+2 it’s a decent i10 punish that can be done from full crouch as well. Transitioning into a stance afterwards leaves him at -1 on block. Can mix up the grabs with any of King’s other moves off f,n,d,D/F or cancel the crouch dash into any of his FC or WR moves. Tekken 7 Combo. Learn this from a Wavedash and be the master of his Wavedash mix-up. One of his primary low pokes. Unsafe on block. NC, Homing, wall splat, huge advantage on hit, gives S! NCc, CH confirmable. Combos into dp+1 on normal hit for a full combo. Ultimate Tackle (FC+1+2): Another good tool for FC mixups if you like to combine a FC+1 into a Clothesline Press or FC+d/f+2. Three-hit NCc string that jails and can be canceled into Flicker (FLK) stance or into Peekaboo (PAB). Ch launcher, sometimes crushes jabs, can SS after it, also the recovery of the animation makes it look more – than it is which can trick the opponent. Can go into a multitude of strings after. Similar to Kaz’s df+2, but more unsafe and linear. The occasional 1+2 starts a juggle on counter hit and scares the opponents from taking their turn after 1,2. Insanely quick recovery and a lot of active frames. Tier Ranking: 44th: Tekken 7 Tiers: Popularity: 28th: Featured moves Dark Buzzsaw. Tijuana Twister does a spinning power bomb, which can floor break. When Jack-7 is low on life, he gains access to one of the better Rage Drives in the game- A followup to the Debugger, done by pressing 2. A decent round ender, she does a hop into a really damaging low. A big low sweep that crushes highs, has long range and high damage, but very punishable on block. Your normal df1 to check people, has a high extension and mid extension to discourage people from sidestepping/pressing a button after. Has follow ups that put the opponent and yourself into a guessing game. Good move overall. Homing move with good reach. Unsafe as hell. Some grabs lead to unbreakable follow ups, and these are the ones most the opponent is most likely to try and break. Great move when fishing for wall splats. It requires a real break and it is important since Tekken 7s throw system has changed a bit. A safe fast mid launcher. Demon Flip cancellable (which makes certain punish attempts whiff). High profiles. Quick mid that gives a lot of frame advantage on hit (0 on block). if the second hit lands as CH. A knockdown low that guarantees a F2 at the wall and rage drive in open. Same as Marduk’s QCF+2, except easier/quicker to input and worse on block (launch punishable); however, on CH it will KND for follow-ups. Unblockable low sweep that leads to a full combo. Safe mid CH launcher, has a wide hitbox, some high evasion and pushback. Followups are NCC. Can be used to get an aggressive opponent off your case, with relative safety in case it is blocked. Can be done with ff+3/wr+3 or out of SNK stance. Learn and add some combos to improve your gameplay and rock juggle to your opponent. n/a Rating. !For tutorials visit: Can be done from df+1~b for pressure. Shaheen’s best command throw. Some opponents might look for this move thanks to the “f, f” input in hopes of blocking it, so it’s important to not be too obvious with it. A straight screw on normal hit like ewhf leading into massive damage. October 28th update: Safe mid CH launcher knee. The true strength in this string is when the opponent is conditioned to fear the last hit. d+3,qcb+3 is NC on clean hit. This was not the case in previous games. Lowers Kat’s hitbox during the first few frames. Speaking of the 1, 1 part, it can be used to apply pressure too! Hits fast and very low to the ground. Can be used while pressuring the opponent or to prevent opponent from conducting strings from the mid-to-close range. After a wall splat you can do a 1,2 and then go for one of these grabs to grab them as they hit the ground. Slow mid with good range that leaves you close and +6 on block, Long range poke that moves you closer, has followups but they’re interruptible on block and it leaves you +5 on hit by itself anyway. Encourages people to duck. Last hit does not jail. Safe mid that is plus on block, linear and seeable from a distance so try doing it at close distances for better + frames. 23 damage, +5 on block. Dangerous as wall oki, Fast, high-crushing low with good tracking. Basic 4 CH launcher. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot that can be changed about the game as of now, since the modding tools are extremely limited for the time. Jack only has 2 great safe mids, d/f+1 and ff+1. Another good whiff punisher. It’s a Ch launcher and high crushes at particular ranges and startup frames. A must have in your arsenal. Safe on block mid launcher with huge range, comes from evasive stance which crushes all highs and some mids, Scrub-killer. Leaves you BT to the opponent, letting you do a fast BT 3 to hit them on the ground if they don’t get up fast enough (or a wall keeps them close to you). near a wall. qcb+3 links into Light Shoryu on hit. Mid poke from HBS that also functions as a CH launcher (allows either HBS d/f+2 or HBS d/f+1,1 as a follow up on CH). Any further out i would wait for the whiff punish with hopkick. Mix between the 2 options. Gives a free u/b+4 at the wall. Gives +14 on hit (+17 if it hits close to the ground), which means a free b+1 into full combo. While it’s -14 without any followup, it puts you in Switch Stance which has a bunch of great followups and can be cancelled into crouch dash, great hitbox (hits Ling’s AOP) and can be used for resets. Tons of damage on CH. Only downside is the range. i14 homing high punisher, gives tailspin on NH and W! King/Tekken Movelist is a list of all of the moves that King can perform in Tekken. i11 while standing punisher, +7 on hit, and can be DSS’d making it +17. Leads to free u/b+4 on CH. Can be interrupted after 3rd hit if you continue the string but can catch people off guard on occasion. Pretty much the best use for STB. “Tatsu”. KND/Wallsplats. RA armor makes it a very good trade tool, and it deals a good chunk of damage even when used as a combo ender. It’s advised to input 1,1~qcb every time and tap 3 whenever a counter hit is detected in order to get a combo. As a ws 14 frame punisher, it’s a natural combo that knocks down. Fast low poke, can be cancelled into Akuma’s special attacks. Other than those differences they are the goto plus on block mids. More detailed guides (still work in progress): You can also go into his savage stance by holding forward after df1. Tekken 7 introduces a few new combat mechanics, and Rage System is definitely the most powerful among them. One of King’s longest range punishers, can very good against certain moves that are punishable but have a lot of pushback. (Usually mid hitting frame traps like this in T7 are just as punishable and don’t grant a full juggle on hit.). A homing mid with tons of range, good to keep people in check at a range. Devil Jin can also do this move from his Wavedash. Learning it from a Wavedash will fuel your mix-up. Does huge damage if the opponent hits the wall. A high crushing low that’s 0 on hit, good to approach the opponent with and keep the pressure on upclose. n/a Rating. “Arc blast” is a great 15 frame mid launch. Good for catching opponents pressing buttons when you’re + frames. ... Can mix up the grabs with any of King’s other moves off f,n,d,D/F or cancel the crouch dash into any of his FC or WR ... (f4,2) which is a natural combo and knocksdown/wallsplats. The only way to get guaranteed damage afterwards is by buffering a EMGF very early, which isn’t that hard but will require a bit of practice to get used to. Use with qcf+2 for high risk/reward damaging 50/50s. Unseeable, damaging, KD low that crushes highs. +15 frames on block means he can follow it up with an unblockable Duck f+2 or Duck cancel WS+1, 2 for big damage.Since it’s a high it can be ducked, but as a mixup instead of going for the Ext Duck f+2 he can go for Ext Duck 1 which is a mid. Safe (3 on its own) i13 with a high/mid mixup followup, delayable and can cancel into crouch dash. Command grab that does 45 points of damage, get a free back combo (Only if opp quickstands) with b+2,1,3 or b+2 into a WS+1+2 or WS+4 f+1+4 and f+2+3 are 11f grabs that do 5 points more damage than your standard 1 or 2 throw and require true 1 armed throw breaks. Second hit have some tracking properties ( please confirm). Now with these new bindings in place you'll find it much easier to pull off many moves in Tekken 7. Law’s main mid poke tool, good when paired with his low poke db+3. A decent low that launches on CH, can go backturn for roll combo on CH. Homing move, 22 damage, +5 on NH and stuns for juggle on CH, best choice for CH fishing, has a 13f standing status on stun that can be followed up with JF pewgf for a full launch (extremely hard but good reward). Second hit wall splats and wall breaks. Great range and safe on block gives this move low risk for a high reward. If the last low hits, the mid is guaranteed. Tracks, hard to punish if Side Stepped by the opponnent. Be careful with this move vs chars with quick vs launchers, however can be hard to punish when from max range. F+4 has 1 more frame of advantage but slightly more pushback (and a KND on CH). Helpful for new and old players.You can find a reference to general moves as well on: ... New combos for Tekken 7. A + on block homing high launcher. Doesn’t launch crouchers. It is a bit slow, but it’s one of his most damaging wallsplat moves. Keepout launcher. No more, no less. Everyone can share and add their own stunning combos or learn new sample combos easyly. What else is there to say? Special cancellable. Mid CH launcher elbow that’s + on block. Akuma’s i13 punish, gives +6 on hit, doesn’t jail. This is a conditioning move. A good homing move and 14 frame punisher with b+4,3. Decently fast at i20, and launches(!) d/b+3+4,4 is similar but on hit grants +8f advantage instead of a knockdown. On CH it knocksdown. Has good tracking. The d/b+1+4 grab also floor breaks, provided you haven’t already done so in the combo. Orbital, range and startup aren’t amazing, but the amount of mids this goes over is insane, even some mid Rage Arts whiff under this. On CH gives guaranteed d+3+4. Good for mixing up opponents from BT. Kazuya lock-down move. Dark Cyclone. Albatross (ALB) d+2 is guaranteed after the KND. From there, not finishing the last hit can lead to mixups and block string pressure. Until the age of 24, this person worked hard with King until, one day, news broke of the first King's death at the hands of Ogre. Second hit is duckable. Steves “fastest” launcher. This leaves the opponent far away so you could use this to create space too. Slowish and weak damage, but it’s safe on block, gives a small frame advantage on hit (+2f) and crushes highs. Safe to throw out, but very linear. This move is faster when you’re crouching doing it. Animation-wise it makes for a mixup with cd+4. +15 on hit, open area hit gives free f,f+2 followup but the timing is strict. Safe on block but is difficult to pull off. One of Steves main counter hit tools. WS launcher. Only -13 on block too which is not a huge punish considering the reward. Insane as wall oki since hitting it near the wall guarantees a second one. Great pressuring tool against an opponent whose back is at the wall. Can easily combo after launching with WR+2,2. While ws+4 is the fastest, ws+2 has better range, and has the option to continue into the second hit as a frame trap, which launches on counter hit, but is pretty unsafe on block. The risk-reward ratio of this mixup is not in Josie’s favor though: 1,2,3 ends with a mid and is -11. 14 frame launcher with great range. Used like a generic df+1 but worse frames on block. High crushing low, slow but its followups (d/f+3,2_d/f+3,2~f) make it tricky to punish. A CH ranged mid launcher that low crushes and has quick recovery. Superman punch. Long range safe mid. Good NC that does decent damage and gives a lot of advantage. On regular hit can buffer a throw like giant swing or tijuana twister to catch your opponent afterwards. Wall splats on CH, good distance, can be a 10f punisher. Screws. A crushing mid that crushes all highs & some mids, 24 damage, knocks down on hit after which f,f+4 is guaranteed. Contributors: Combot Tuner, God Empeor-Rein, Contributors: omgitsnewton, Eddy Wang, Fist of Defiance, PR-OTOShogun, Contributors: @Ayvie3D, MrAdam0, SpaghettiRip, Weapon_X, Contributors: BoxeR, NecromancyBlack, DevilPooH, Contributors: NeedsMoarCoffee, The Smoking Cat, WMKSDM, Contributors: DivineFate, Bopper, Forbearance, Contributors: yiggs, yoite, GoldLeopard, Bopper, Contributors: Glaciating, MrAdam0, Sephiblack, Contributors: Forbearance, Galen, Psylence, Weapon_X, Bopper, Contributors: Not Combot Tuner, Fist of Defiance, In defense of SFV – A response to the video “The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap” by Core-A Gaming, List of Guilty Gear resources (Coming Soon),,,,,,,, Wallsplats, knocks down, after 1st hit, you can transition into BOK, thus deadly at wall. Many of Akuma’s attacks can be cancelled into Shoryuken. Great hitbox, gives Lili a safer approach to her opponent, +9 on hit if cancelled into crouch dash. Fairly long range. if opp back is to wall. Very strong panic tool and was made safe in T7 from -12 in TTT2. Linear, but safe with good pushback. Shaheens orbital. d/f+1,2 (mid,mid, -13 on block) serves as a mixup. Use with discretion. Long traveling mid. She does sort of a lunging demon paw where she pushes back her opponent making this almost seem like it is plus. Mid-mid string that gives a KNK-mixup on block and launches for a full combo on CH. Shining Torpedo is in most cases your highest guaranteed damage following a wallsplat. A ranged mid that complements DB3. Decent ranged whiff and block punisher, where hopkick and df+2 would whiff. Bryan’s fastest mid poke. When sandwiching the opponent with the wall, you can continue mixing the rest of the FC d/b+1,1,1,2 string. Wallsplats. It’s not so much about character loyalty (being a purist), but rather about chemistry with the character and the way he plays. Bob’s “big threatening low”. Gives better oki. On normal hit you get a free ff+3. One of the strongest whiff punishers in the game, also an extremely easy input for what it is. Anti-ssr. Useful against people that try to sidestep BOK2. Used for getting close, and has tracking properties similar to Heihachi ff2 where sometimes it’ll just catch you. This move (and many other CH 4s) can also be called “Magic 4”. A mid that forces crouch on block, +2 on hit. New to T7 she has a just frame DES 2:1 that takes you out of DES so you can do a normal combo that does more damage. CH gives guaranteed dash qcb+4, dash d+4, or dash d+3+4 followup. Hits grounded. 20 damage, +4 on block and +7 on hit, forces crouch in both cases. Usually used as a mixup combined with WS moves. Good for approaching in the neutral game. Full launch on CH. Good range, can be done out of df+1,b for pressure. Long reaching poke. 0 Tips. Unfortunately, he had only seen Kin… Cobra Clutch: Starts off with a jaguar step and either 1+4 or 2+3. Enough said already. ... Combos for King 60 combos King special moves. Low crushes(not instantly) and extremely good for oki. This is your best launcher since it launches your opponent really high in the air to have time to land RFF 3~4 which leads to really high damage and really good corner carry.,, Sidestep primer: Terminology: In one of his fights, King was grievously wounded and collapsed in front of a monastery. A safe counter hit launcher with good range. +3 on hit, in case you want to turn the tides. On block you can duck into ws+1+4 if opponent is jab happy, Long range launcher, pretty safe from max range and can transition into KIN with 1+2 to crush highs(with kin f+2) or avoid some mids(with kin b+1+2). One of the best 10f punishers in the game. Quick powerful mid that knocks down on hit and pushes back on block which in turn makes it impossible to punish in the open, 24 Damage. Has low crush frames, hits grounded. Doesn’t launch crouchers unless on ch. Has a high extension (d/f+1,4) that’s NCc; causes knockdown/wallsplat on hit. Has slightly better damage, much better frame advantage on hit (+6f), crushes high all the way, and safe on block. Demon Steel Pedal, 22 damage. Recovery can be canceled by holding back. Insanely good 11f punisher and whiff punisher if close enough. has a high damaging followup and CH launches if only the first hit is done. Easily steppable. Primary whiff punisher. Mid 2hit launcher that on hit flips them to the other side. Leaves both you and your opponent crouching on hit but since it gives +4 frames on NH, it’s a very good move to go for because you can do WS-moves like WS4, WS1>2 or a throw after it without getting interrupted. 10f punish and standard move for up close poking. Should again be used as mixup with slide. Mid, homing move. 27 damage, knocks down for good Wavedash mix-up, 1,1 is -1 on block, 2 is hit conformable with practice. unseeable on fastest input and on hit guarantees a get up 3. On hit is +4~6. Don’t continue into the 2nd, unsafe hit unless the hits are guaranteed, as frame punishment or whiff punishment. This is a top 15 move sheerly because of the mixups she has from RDS in general. 0~+1 OC on hit. Is basically a high-risk alternative to cd+3, with a high launch on hit and -12 on block. The game is available on most of the platforms which include arcade, windows, PlayStation 4, … You’ll learn loads of moves and combos in Tekken 7, and they can be finnicky enough that unless you’re very precise, you may have trouble pulling them off. Tracks her weak side well if u draw out the qcf. I believe that this Video deserves 1M + ViewsI have made this video to show Tekken 7 King's move performed by WWE superstars. Extremely powerful as a whiff punisher. 25 damage. Short range. Tomahawk(WR+2+4): Known as shining wizard, this is a 1+2 break done with WR+2+4. A key special move in Akuma’s combos but not very useful otherwise. Its i10 light version is one of Akuma’s primary launchers (with meter), while heavy Shoryu deals more damage itself and has full invulnerability 8 frames in. Great pressure tool. Kazuya’s infamous hellsweep. “Hadouken”. Option to go into FC or not afterwards by holding ~d. One of the best panic moves in the game. Launches on normal hit now, with very damaging combos. Paired with a slightly bigger hitbox, and good sidestep tracking to Jin’s otherwise weak side, this is now an indispensible move in Jin’s arsenal. Another mid from BT, this one having the best tracking out of them. ws4 is a common follow up since you’re left in crouch after, and it covers vs SSL. TIGER UPPERCUT!! the followup db+4,4 is -9 on block and +3 on hit. Practice this JF. CH launcher, high crushes, can be done out of qcf. Because it’s a powercrush, and it wallsplats to her left. Extremely hard to see low. Move in combos. A launcher with decent range but doesn’t launch crouchers. Long reaching poke. Not something to throw out frequently. An extremely fast CH launcher which also low crushes very early. Launches on NH, mid, safe and fairly quick. Good range, tracks her weakside well but is not recommended to be used for tracking. 3spins/2sweeps) and are best … If people mess up the punish a lot of Xiaoyus tend to use RDS f+1+2 as a parry attempt. Neutral on hit and forces your opponent in crouch. Seeing that the orphanage would crumble into ruin (the money gained from King's wrestling matches was the only funding received), this man donned the mask of King and imitated his style. Devil Kazuya can extend it by inputting f,n,d,d/f+1,u/f before 2nd hit connects, making him do a tgf+heaven’s door out of CD4,1 and dealing a total of 49 damage. First hit tracks vs your opponents left. Very good pressure tool, although linear. Long-range i15 launcher, punisher and keepaway tool. Low poke with god tracking and high crush. She has a number of good moves from this stance as well. Can be used in juggles to get a wall splat and then go for a break, wall grab or jab into ground grab mixup. Usually safe due to pushback. Evasive mid that tracks to his left (their right). Her i15 launcher which reaches very far and tracks both ways and hits grounded. One is mostly used to break through attacks, while … Kazumis counter hit 4 is very good! The second hit doesn’t jail though, but can be mixed up with db+1,2 which is mid,mid (and -12 on block). This is one of the tools that helps define Kazumi as that “poke heavy” kind of character. This move in my opinion is by far her best move. Good mid poke to start offense. Can’t be low parried. Quick running shoulder. n/a Rating. A hopkick. Great tool to use for pressure and in combos too. If the second hit scores CH then the final hit is guaranteed, and also grants you a free d+3+4 afterwards. Leaves you right in their face. Arguably the best i11 WS punisher in the game. Hold forward on hit to go into SE-stance for a full combo. High damage 3 hit string, 1st and 2nd hit are delayable NC mid pokes (24 Damage, +1 on NH) and the threat of the string’s delayable third hit makes opponents reluctant to punish it on block (use carefully in the open because 3rd hit (Any) can be Side stepped to left). Good NC punisher that you can cancel the second hit to go into LFS if you want to sacrifice damage for a higher reward from a mixup. Cancels into FLK afterwards. Good pushback and wide hitbox. Really good to shut down people sidewalking Asuka, and to keep the advantage on block if you “guessed wrong” on their stepping. Safe high damaging launch. One of her most damaging lows that allow her to go Backturned,(BT) +4 on hit and +9 on ch which leaves the opponent in a stunned state which can guarantee a free follow up to BT1,2 if user went BT. Also makes for a good mixup with the low when done from stance. The good ole Mishima 1, 1, 2. On CH gives you massive frame advantage. 3+4,4 is a 14 frame launcher that is also a tailspin. A decent low to add to your frame traps, +3 on hit and it’s good for opening people up. 4,3,4). Covers Miguels weakside (opponents left) insanely good, this and df2 are the main moves you want to use to track vs opponents left. Tekken 7 King Tips to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as King, strategies, frame data, and custom combos. Long range, high crush, can apply WS and FC mixups afterwards. Bob’s “electric”, good to advance after f,f+2 scares the opponents from crouching. Tracks to his left. Looks sick tho. Not a NC but Delaying ability on 2nd hit helps a lot in pressuring. Leaves Raven BT and takes a large flip backwards making it hard to whiffpunish. King used to be a street brawling orphan with no care in the world except fighting. His main whiff punisher, decent range and launches. Ground hitting mid with frame advantage on block. Stuns on CH and d/b+1+2 is guaranteed. Standard i13 mid poke that tracks to Dragunov’s left. Be wary about using as poke/punisher as it’s high. De facto opener at mid/long range. Good hurtbox makes it a good mid to cover approaches. Practically safe because of pushback. (d/f+1),2,1 is a launcher if it hits (you can pick up with d/f+1 and continue a small juggle) and if you spot a block or a crouch you can mix between doing the last 2 or not, to make it harder for the opponent to punish. Also known as Hellsweep, 10 Damage. Also launches on CH. The hitbox is now improved so you can use it during juggles as as tailspin.