1 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 1. ... 1152x864 New Phase 1 Commander Cody image - Star Wars - Clone Wars mod for Star ... Download. Search. Sale price $46.00 Sale. Title: Commander Cody and Bly Phase 1 Armor SkinPack Author: Jedi Jettson 21 File Name: codyblyphaseone.pk3 Thanks To: Mars Marshall for the model parts and textures, Laam for combining Mars Marshall's clone trooper models, Jolt_JK2 for Denal and Gree, and Robin Izzy Molde for the shiny shaders. Reply Good karma Bad karma +7 votes. Models created by sono, this pack contains multiple phase 1 clone troopers during the clone wars. Commander Bly in Phase 1 (water) armor, by Joev14. Phase 1 Clone Trooper Commander, Phase II Clone Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper, and First Order ---Stormtrooper Officer four pack Poe Dameron [1] [edit]Behind the scenes Commander Bly made his first appearance in John Ostrander's Star Wars Republic 65: Show of Force, Part 1, where he was shown briefly conversing with Aayla Secura. 1024x1732 Alpha-Trooper's DeviantArt Gallery. Sale price $42.00 Sale. Limited Availability: Led by Jedi General Aayla Secura and her trusted clone Commander, CC-5052 "Bly," the 327th fought against the Separatist droid armies on multiple planets across the galaxy. AV Phase 2 Commander Bly (Recolor) Regular price $42.00. Commander Deviss met his fate after his Jedi General mournfully executed him in a comic. We Ship Seven Days a Week! Commander Bly in Phase 2 armor, by Joev14. My custom Phase 1 Commander Bly minifigure from The Clone Wars! share. view previous next. He once served on Maridun, fighting against Lok Durd and his defoliator tank. Share - LEGO Star Wars Custom Commander Bly Phase 2 Armor Clone Wars Trooper. Wow! Commander Bly Phase 1 Please Note: All of my custom listings are hand painted then varnished making them unique art form collector pieces. Contributed by Joev14 22:25, May 9, 2010 (UTC) Decal Set 3 Edit. Share URL. Commander Bly Clone Trooper Star Wars Minifigure from The Clone Wars Phase 2 appearance Includes pictured accessories ... Star Wars Sith lords ARC minifigures Clone trooper battle droids phase 1 501st Stormtroopers clone wars Mandalorian mini action figure toys delsbrix $ 3.50. 5. Embed Thumb. 0 comments. Contributed by Joev14 22:21, May 9, 2010 (UTC) Decal Set 2 Edit. Who We Are. Cody was the headline Commander of the 212th, leading troops on the 2nd battle of Geonosis all the way to the battle of Utapau. The 327th Star Corps was a military corps of the Grand Army of the Republic, composed of clone troopers bred to fight for the Galactic Republic. These sheets were designed and produced by myself, utilizing a template similar to the one used by LEGO so they blend in perfectly with your collection! CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. CT-5129 Feb 11 2018. New Add media. Preissenkung ! 5.0 average based on 1 product rating. Clone Trooper Commander Bly Helmet 2. Bly was a Clone Commander in command of Aayla Secura's 327th Star Corps, he fought loyally at the side of the Jedi, but turned on them when he received Order 66. See more ideas about bly, star wars clone wars, star wars trooper. share. Uses Knockoff Phase 2 Helmet and LEGO torso, legs, and head. Here are the decals for Commander Bly Contents . PO Box 220. Shipping Times Expedited Shipping - requires up to 2-3 weeks for th This is a waterslide decal sheet with its corresponding cloth set that can be applied to a Blank Figure to create an amazing custom clone! Total Speculation on this one via Yakface, the artist who does all the sketches for the Black Series packaging recently had artwork up on his website which included one for "Clone Commander Bly", it has since been taken down. Commander Bly CC-5052 - Phase 1 and Phase 2. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Phase 1 Phase 2 Stormtrooper Mandalorians Arm/Leg Decals Bo Katan Decal. Embed Thumb. Permission: If you wanna modify this, EMail me. Account. 4. Shipping calculated at checkout. These items are brand new, straight from the designer and producer- … Date Jan 14th, 2020. TheCapeCantina. Bly, or CC-5052, was a clone marshal commanderof the 327th Star Corpsduring the Clone Wars, serving under Jedi General Aayla Secura. Add to … We are built on the core ideals that everyone has a voice along with the fact that everyone should have fun playing on any of our servers. Apr 7, 2018 - Explore HeWasHere's board "Commander Bly" on Pinterest. AV Phase 2 Commander Bly. Share. Contents (Friendly and Hostile)-501st trooper -Captain rex -212th Trooper -Commander Cody -327th trooper -Commander Bly -104th trooper -Commander Wolffe -41st trooper -Commander Gree -612th trooper Shipping calculated at checkout. Exclusive SW Clone Wars Commander Bly Büste 20 cm. 1 product rating. Share Image. Regular price $46.00. Includes cloth, helmet attachments, and Clone Army Customs Trooper Blaster. 04 August 2019, 1:28AM ouu what about a phase 1 commander gree and bly, phase 1 commander wolffe or phase 2 commander wolffe (using 91st helmet - you could also combine it with the regular phase 2 helmet if ur looking for a challenge) Add a photo to this gallery. - Clone Commander Bly, Black Series, 6 Inch - IN STOCK - Clone Commander Fox, Black Series, 6 Inch - IN STOCK - Clone Captain Rex, Black Series, 6 Inch - SOLD OUT - Clone Commander Lieutenant, Black Series, 6 Inch (Walmart Exclusive) - IN STOCK - Clone Trooper, Phase 1, Black Series, Wave 27, 6 Inch - IN STOCK. Quantity must be 1 or more Version Quantity. LEGO Star Wars Custom Commander Bly Phase 2 Armor Clone Wars Trooper. URL. The Sideshow Collectibles STAR WARS Military Series 1:6 scale Commander Bly 12-inch Figure features: Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation, Commander Bly portrait, Fabric bodysuit with additional fabric collar, Kama command skirt, Detailed clone armor, Phase I and Phase II helmets with flip-up polarized macro-binoculars, ARC pauldron, DC-15S blaster … This is a standalone waterslide decal sheet, which can be applied to a Blank Figure to create an amazing custom clone! By NB20026. 1920x1080 Star Wars - Commander Cody - History and Lore - Ep 1 - YouTube. Feed RSS. At the Battle of New Holstice, he wore his Phase I armor without the customizations,[2] but afterward would make the upgrade to Phase II armor. Collector Notes Commander Bly. Appearance [edit | edit source] Deviss' armor very much resembles Commander Bly's Phase 2 armor, only with red markings. Rly great job man! Commander Bly/Specialist Clone Trooper Helmet - 3D Print Files — Sale price $15 Save $6. Status: Commander Bly is rework of 2008's TCW [B] Captain Rex (No. Clone Wars Phase 2 Commander Bly Set % $2.99. Embed Image. Invert Networks. View, comment, download and edit commander bly Minecraft skins. 4) figure with the helmet from 2009's TCW [R] Clone Trooper Echo (CW17) and an all-new head sculpt. Introducing the Phase 1 Clone Troopers NPCs. 1213x1042 Commander Bly CC-5052 - Phase 1 and Phase 2 by MarcusStarkiller on ... Download. Photo by @cccustoms8 on Instagram Made with decals and genuine LEGO pieces. Bly developed a close working relationship with Jedi General Aayla Secura, who was always reassured to know the dependable clone trooper had her back. Decals designed and made by Jonak Toys. We are a new community that is looking to grow. Just a quick edit of the commander bly skin made by TheJokSet to match his phase 1 markings blah blah Edit. Compare () Sign in or Register; 602-308-0292. Share Image. Clone Trooper Echo's Helmet. I also try to make each clone as accurate as I can basing my research on official clone merchandise, The Clone wars series and photos. Add media RSS Commander Bly Phase 2 WIP (view original) embed.